XXIX  International Conference  
FEmale Creations in Literary and Intercultural Education (CICELI)
July 18-20, 2019
University of Valencia, Facultat de Magisteri (Valencia, Spain)

The “FEmale Creations in Literary and Intercultural Communication” Conference focuses on the study of women authors (poets, playwrights and narrators), or people who have been marginalized because of their sexuality, and whose work is or could be included in the curricula of primary schools, secondary schools and higher education, either in literary courses or in courses where readings are used instrumentally.

Proposals addressing female filmmakers and artists are also accepted, as well as research on fictional characters through a gender studies approach, all of which should be relevant to either compulsory schooling, higher education or educational experiences outside of regulated models, and should prioritize Hispanic contexts in both creation and reception.

Additional proposals could include: comparative studies, research measuring the presence of female authors and artists in literary or intercultural education in a specific region (including regulated and non-regulated educational models) and in books and audiovisual examples, the pedagogical impact of didactic materials, textbooks or other creative publications, such as picture books or animation productions, aimed to a growing, heterogeneous audience immersed in a process of  constant learning.

Finally, as a pioneer in the universal study of children’s and young adults’ literature and given her valuable contributions in many of the other issues arisen, the Conference wants to pay homage to Carmen Bravo-Villasante (1918-1994) on the 25th anniversary of her death and as a celebration of her recent centenary.




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