Suggested topics

  • Approaches to literary, film or artistic works that serve to develop competences in reading-comprehension, interculturality and sexual diversity (from primary education to higher education, in regulated and non-regulated contexts).
  • Didactic proposals or experiences based on work created by women or other individuals marginalized because of their sexuality from all time periods, prioritizing Hispanic contexts.
  • Research on children’s or young adults’ literature, or creative works with a large influence on the educational canons.
  • Gender studies approaches to educational or audio-visual adaptations of literary works.
  • Intercultural education through literature, film and art from a gender perspective: authors or main characters.
  • Gender issues in works created by male or female authors.
  • Female agency in fictional characters.
  • Education as a literary or filmic topic from a gender perspective
  • Female and male agency and education (comparative analyses from antiquity to the present; transatlantic and transpacific approaches).
  • The body and the erotic in literary and intercultural education (heteronormativity, alternative sexualities, moral or religious expectations).
  • Studies on the female presence in the curricula of Humanities and Social Sciences, in Primary Education text books, in picture books or in animation productions.
  • Impact of intercultural literary, audio-visual or artistic research performed from a gender perspective on co-education, inclusion and educational equity.
  • Teachers, professors and researchers as creators of educational experiences (for children or young adults and in adult education).
  • Approaches to the figure of Carmen Bravo-Villasante.